For some time now, the actions of the 8th Dragon Squadron mercenary group have been erratic to say the least. Offering their services to the highest bidder with a complete disregard of any consequences has led to some unprecedented shifts in power throughout the galaxy.

From Eta Draconis to 49 Arietis, the mercenary group has run over thirteen successful campaigns and extended its influence over multiple systems around their home base of Patocuda. Using every tool at their disposal to complete their contracts, the 8th Dragon Squadron are seen as a ruthless bunch with little to no moral standards. Multiple reports of their affiliated commanders being drunk, brawling, serving jail time, using narcotics, flying without permit, and fornicating with high ranked Imperial nobles haven’t prevented the group taking on new contracts over the years.

On the contrary, their actions seem to have kindled the interest of many desperate governmental administrations and corporations looking to deal with problems no one else could handle.

It’s no wonder that the latest rumours about their next contract point to a deal with the infamous Brotherhood of Terra Mater...

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Rumors are coming in from Patocuda, home of the 8th Dragon Squadron, about the recent investigation launched on their civilian government. Our source tells us that as a result, a fair number of commanders and political assets have been found guilty of corruption while some have defected the mercenary group for reasons unknown. Details are still to be revealed but we’ve been able to contact one of the men in charge of the investigation, Cmdr Mohizz, and here’s what he had to say:

“Over the last year, some of our commanders and civilian assets have been turned and blinded by the appeal of easy money. Omni-Wide Corp. a well known company, has tried to take advantage of our mercenary brotherhood to achieve their own agenda and take over the 8th Dragon Squadron civilian government. We cannot go into details at the moment but we’ve already started to clean up our ranks. Commanders implicated in any way with Omni-Wide corp. have been dismissed and we’re hunting down the last OWMC civilian assets as we speak. Rest assured that we will get to the bottom of this. In the meantime, Patocuda civilian population has nothing to be worried about, this won’t change anything for them.”

This politica...

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Wayfarer Industries, a leading private xenoarchaeological group based in the Pleiades Sector who have made some exceptional progress in the discovery and analysis of alien artifacts over the last ten years, has lashed out at the increased Federal and Imperial scientific teams deployed within the region.

The group, who pride themselves in their vision of professional transparency say that the highly-classified research conducted by both galactic superpowers devalues any meaningful scientific advancement concerning alien civilisations and suggest that their activities could lead to a potentially disastrous outcome. Spokesperson, Raquel Verte was quoted live on Galnet airing the group’s views.

“We have been out there for more than ten years, “she said. “In that time, we have made some of the most important discoveries in our field and have been completely honest in all aspects of our work. Since the discovery of the first artifact, the Imperial and Fed science crews have all but overtaken our outposts and our operations have been repeatedly downplayed, contradicted and even plagiarized by the heavyweights...

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In 3301, mercenary group, the 8th Dragon Squadron, settled into Patocuda with the intention of using the system as their base of operations. With much zeal, many local high fliers quickly saw the opportunity to forward their own personal goals, leading to an influx of private financial investors and local corporations seeking to exploit and profit from the system’s new administration.

From shrewd business types to wily politicians, many have jostled to take their place among the many appointed civilian positions required in organizing, maintaining and ruling an interplanetary government. Patocuda has since flourished, seeing new trade routes and other business opportunities opening far beyond system borders and many frontline industries have already expanded their own operations into other neighbouring star systems throughout the sector.

Galnet has reported news of this nature since the Dragons first set down on Coney Gateway, but recent geopolitical analyses suggest that over the last two years, the 8th Dragon Council – the true founding members of the group – have found themselves with less and less say in how the day to day running of the faction is run.

We had the opportunity...

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