An attack on a military base was today condemned by the 49 Arietis Defence Force as “completely unacceptable.”

Many perimeter security ships and automated defence installations were destroyed or damaged as they clashed with several air and ground based attackers during the incident at Stevens Reach. Millions of credits worth of damage to the base has been reported and sources suggest that the attack was planned by a rival faction based within 49 Arietis itself.

Speaking live on Galnet, Chief of Security Harlan Rhyne of the 49 Arietis Defence Force  said: “The violence was completely unacceptable. This base and all our other operational centres are highly important to what limited security we can offer in this hell hole of a system...

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Wayfarer Industries, a leading private xenoarchaeological group based in the Pleiades Sector who have made some exceptional progress in the discovery and analysis of alien artifacts over the last ten years, has lashed out at the increased Federal and Imperial scientific teams deployed within the region.

The group, who pride themselves in their vision of professional transparency say that the highly-classified research conducted by both galactic superpowers devalues any meaningful scientific advancement concerning alien civilisations and suggest that their activities could lead to a potentially disastrous outcome. Spokesperson, Raquel Verte was quoted live on Galnet airing the group’s views.

“We have been out there for more than ten years, “she said...

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Citizens of Shepherd Orbital in the Jardovici system will rise tomorrow to find themselves under the administration of a new government. The recent election results between the Jardovici Justice Party and foreign power, the Black Birds Consilium, have now been fed to all local news networks confirming an overall majority win for the BBC.

A dictatorial regime originally based in the nearby system of Munfayl, the Black Birds Consilium wasted little time in securing assets in Jardovici over one standard year ago, including Cori Survey and Guerrero Prospect.  Seeing little opposition from the system’s then government, the party’s influence on local politics quickly escalated until the arrival of yet another foreign faction, the Guardians of Tranquility.

Keen to form a mutually beneficial relationship between the two parties, the Guardians were quoted as agreeing t...

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In 3301, mercenary group, the 8th Dragon Squadron, settled into Patocuda with the intention of using the system as their base of operations. With much zeal, many local high fliers quickly saw the opportunity to forward their own personal goals, leading to an influx of private financial investors and local corporations seeking to exploit and profit from the system’s new administration.

From shrewd business types to wily politicians, many have jostled to take their place among the many appointed civilian positions required in organizing, maintaining and ruling an interplanetary government. Patocuda has since flourished, seeing new trade routes and other business opportunities opening far beyond system borders and many frontline industries have already expanded their own operations into other neighbouring star systems throughout the sector.

Galnet has reported new...

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After a long and drawn out battle in the HIP 80243 system, the Eta Draconis Gold Vision Company stand victorious over the HIP 80243 Republic Party. An important station essential to the system’s agricultural and tourist industry has fallen under the control of the invaders thanks to the joint efforts of the Flying Tigers and 8th Dragon Squadron. Despite much resistance from the locals, who themselves employed a special ops team known as the Elite Secret Service to assist them, failed to defend Yegorov Terminal efficiently leading to a complete abandonment of posts by Republic Party officials early this morning. Administration of the station will now be overseen by Flying Tiger handlers, Gold Vision Company and its President, Vidar Vondell. The President assured the population that ‘this is the beginning of a better life for all who have made HIP 80243 their home...

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