The corvette erupted in a glorious ball of debris and expanding oxygen. It had lasted less than a minute once the Dragon pilots had targeted it.

“You stole my fucking kill!” shouted Fangz across the comms.

The reply he received was the united laughter of the other Dragon Commanders, as they turned to the struggling Type 9 nearby. This was a slaughter.

“Mohizz, get your fat ass out of my face!” demanded Fangz as he approached the limping ship, shields down, his Corvette glancing across his fellow Dragon’s bow. The Type 9 lasted mere seconds, its cargo spilling out as the power plant failed and the ship exploded.

“Find your own targets, you thieving piece of shit,” Mohizz laughed.

“Python!” shouted Nyxx. “No, he’s already dead.”

“Gentlemen, I apologise for my intrusion, but if I don’t kill one of these little darlings before my ammunition runs out, I’m going to be ...

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While many neighbouring star systems have recently undergone drastic governmental reform, the Patocuda citizenry remain staunchly supportive of 8th Dragon Squadron rule in their home system – despite rumours of the founding members entering into a secret treaty with a major galactic power.

The majority of the reorganisations and takeovers are widely understood to be a result of the machinations of Archon Delaine and his so-called Kumo Crew, yet it is unknown whether the core members of the highly active mercenary group were also involved in the operation. Speaking publicly, Patocuda League’s political front runner, Dia Riordan, slammed the 8th Dragon Squadron with a biting rhetoric suggesting the founding members of the party have sold out to ‘pirates and galactic scum’.

“If a government like the 8th Dragon Squadron states that it is not committed purely and ...

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“Is he on board?” the pirate king barked at his guards.

“According to the log he came on board at exactly 14:08 sire,” the officer mumbled.

“That was 4 hours ago! Now find him!” Delaine screamed as he opened the door to his private cabin.

“Looking for someone?” Idlewally chirped up. He was sat on the chair so lavish you could get away with calling it a throne, with his feet up on the desk, heels resting on the reports that had the pirate king so flustered in the first place

“How dare you? Who do you think you are?” Delaine growled, the rage bubbling atop the surface, hand reaching for his pistol.

“Ah, who am I? Now that is the real question. How about you get rid of your aides and we can talk in a civilised manner?”

Spotting Delaine’s movement, knowing he had mere seconds before the gun was aimed and discharged, he added “I would advise against that...

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18:30 | 27/09/3303 | Patocuda System

“RogueCmdr, Delaine is leaving Coney Gateway and 8th Dragon command personnel remain present on the station,” reported the Andromeda.

“Ugh, I missed another meeting again!” grunted the ship’s commander, switching off the tactical view on his visor. “Andromeda, stand down from attack protocol alpha one and request docking from Coney Gateway.”

“Standing down. Requesting docking clearance,” the ship responded. 

RogueCmdr awaited confirmation and looked out past the bow of his new Python. “Every time I get here,” he muttered, “Everyone is off getting drunk and only a few of us if any are out on patrol.  It’s a no wonder the Kumo Crew had no trouble smashing the defenses.”

“Throttle to 50%” Andromeda announced. 

“NO! Stupid AI! I am going to replace you with Orion or Eli...

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