“How far ahead are they?” asked Colton Quincey.

The CEO of Caerus Systems was seated on an antique leather chair behind an antique oak desk in a room made to resemble an antique office from the 19th century. Ever one to promote style over substance, the Federation advocate reveled in his surroundings. It made him feel presidential. This morning however, he was far from pleased. The light from Caerus spilled into the room causing shadows over everything except the face of his PR agent, Melinda Bayes, the lack of which made her her squint as she sat opposite him. Quincey didn’t close the blinds. He liked to watch her discomfort.

“At the moment CCP have a zero point six lead,” she responded shielding her eyes with a long fingered hand, “Nothing we cant handle. But we need to get campaigning.”

Quincey reached into a drawer and pulled out a cigar and novelty lighter t...

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“Where the hell is Dex?” yelled Ramirez in the FPoC HQ Intelligence room. Geryk Lepinski continued tapping away at his terminal as if he hadn’t heard. “Hey Kimono-boy, you listening?” she asked again.

Lepinksi sighed dramatically and spun around in his chair.

“He left two days ago with no explanation as to why or where he was going. Probably having another one of his ‘episodes’. You know him as well as I do, or better, as the case may be.” he smirked.

Ramirez scowled at him and threw up her hands in resignation. The relationship between her and the leader of the Freedom Party was no secret to members of the group but Ramirez didn’t like to talk about it. She rapidly changed the subject. “Are you aware of how much local support we have lost in Caerus recently? Our agents in Shokwa are performing well but the Comms Partners are rapidly gaining popularity...

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Greetings Dragons!

The war in Shokwa is now over and with our help, the Freedom Party were victorious. To further the FPoC’s interests in the system, we must now ensure that our influence levels remain above 70% for the next few days. If we should succeed in this, we will find ourselves at war with the Shokwa Liberals in a bid to assume control of Burnet Hub and of course, the system.

Back in Caerus, the CCP’s influence has now reached 27%. Once this begins to get close to 40% we must be very careful not to allow them to pass the FPoC’s share of power. If we can hold both parties at similar levels, a a civil war will start where we must ensure that the FPoC’s influence is raised dramatically before the war starts. With this advantage, victory will mean the taking of a CCP station (or stations).

1. Continue to support CCP in Caerus.


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Cearus System
Popov Hub
July 30, 3301

“Thank you Captain, my ship looks ready to roll.” Mac commented as he completed the walk-around of his Vulture, Garunda. “I appreciate the efforts.  I need to get my ass to Shokwa and join the fight there.”

Mac tossed a casual salute to the hanger captain and headed up the ramp into the ship. Slapping the hatch switch, he made his way to the cockpit.

“The hatch is closed and secured, Mac.” The lyrical AI commented.

“Thanks Kalliope. Systems check please.” McCaffrey plopped into the command seat and began to buckle himself….

“Where the frell is my towel!” He cursed out loud. His head swiveling around like a madman. His hands reaching below the seat, into the side storage, even under his ass, checking the seat he sat on.

“I believe you took it to the cleaners on Monday...

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All across the surface of Caerus 5 people rejoiced. Citizens of all nations worldwide were celebrating the downfall of Caerus Systems and the sudden rise to power of the Freedom Party. No longer bound to Federal law, people felt liberated, free, and the future seemed so very much brighter. News channels systemwide were praising Nandez on his victory, who had not made himself available to any media companies. Lt. General Ramirez however, was seen giving an interview on one of the more prominent talk shows broadcast in the sector. Caerus Comms Partners had issued a press release  saying that they will no longer be supporting Caerus Systems or any more Federal incursions into the system. Many pundits had speculated that the still considerably wealthy party were simply jumping ship to ensure their own survival...

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