Eta Draconis – A Cause For Celebration

In the Star & Garter bar on Fisk Port, the atmosphere was one of celebration in light of the latest local news bulletins. Gold Vision Co, with the help of the 8th Dragon Squadron, had successfully won their long campaign to bring Eta Draconis under the charter of the Alliance of Independent systems. After fifty two days of campaigning and a relatively short civil war with the controlling party, the Union of Eta Draconis Labour, Gold Vision secured control of the major system starport, Swift Terminal. At the bar, the head bartender was having great difficulty keeping drinks supplied to the rowdy, thirsty commanders, thrilled at their victory. In an alcove at the back of the establishment, the plushest seats in the house now nicknamed the ‘Dragons Den’, were filled with pilots sharing drinks, laughs, memories, and were excited about their future in the 8th Dragon Squadron. They had every right to celebrate. It had been a long, occasionally  frustrating endeavour and now finally reaping the rewards of their labour was a source of relief.

Commanders Walford, Lightwarrior  and several other highly effective, sworn members of the Dragons were light-heartedly discussi...

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Dragons-logo (1)

Welcome, commander, to the home of the 8th Dragon Squadron, the most rag-tag, badly behaved, juiced up and fun-loving bunch of starship pilots this side of the Milky Way.
We are a mercenary group who formed under the employ of President Vidar Vondell of the Eta Draconis Gold Vision Co, and given the task of bringing the system under the Alliance of Independent Systems charter. After our first successful mission, many commanders made the decision to continue working together to forward the military and political interests of various factions throughout populated space. As an independent unit, we bear no allegiance to the Empire, Federation or Alliance, nor do we pledge fealty to any smaller governmental bodies. We are loyal only to ourselves and our current contract. Our motto, ‘Ubi Concordia, Ibi Victoria’ meaning ‘Where there is Unity, there is Victory’, aptly describes the solid foundations on which the group is built.

The 8th Dragon Squadron are a long standing Elite: Dangerous group with a rich history in manipulating the game’s political and economical background simulation...

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