Raise your glasses commanders, we are victorious!

Today sees the taking of Heinlein Terminal from Caerus Systems. The Federal faction are no longer in control of the system. After our three day war, the Freedom Party of Caerus now own their second station, leaving Quinceys lot homeless. Given that just under a month ago, the FPoC had 14% influence and were not in control of ANY stations, this is quite an achievement. In addition, to win the war with influence levels as high they are right now is a double whammy. 96% influence is the absolute maximum that we can reach in a system with five parties, and that is exactly what we have succeeded in hitting. Caerus has been our most efficient campaign yet. Congratulations, and a big thank you to everyone involved.

Until we get the new roaming campaign details sorted, those who wish to stick around in Caerus as part ...

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As an independent mercenary unit based in the Patocuda system, the 8th Dragon Squadron bear no allegiance to the Empire, Federation or Alliance, nor do they pledge fealty to any smaller governmental bodies. Loyal only to themselves and their contracts, their motto, ‘Ubi Concordia, Ibi Victoria’ meaning ‘Where there is unity, there is victory’, aptly describes the solid foundations on which the group is built.

The 8th Dragon Squadron are a long standing Elite: Dangerous group with a rich history in manipulating the game’s political and economical background simulation...

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