Mercenary group, the 8th Dragon Squadron of Patocuda, have recently agreed to an undertaking subsidised by the Guardians of Tranquility in a bid to maintain and strengthen ties with the Black Birds Squadron of Munfayl. The Guardians, famous for their mind bending Tarach spice, have have long been allied with the 8th but have lately found themselves at odds with the BBS over control of Jardovici system. Plans have been set in motion for the 8th to support the BBS both economically and politically as a gesture of good will by the GoT, who have no real agenda in Jardovici besides the peddling of their arguably dangerous wares.

Many high ranking members of the 8th Dragon Squadron have expressed a deeply rooted kinship with the similarly focused Black Birds Squadron stating that the current controlling party, the Jardovici Justice Party who, like their Federal benefac...

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After a brief but bloody three day battle between the People’s Party of Asoorajara and foreign outfit, the 8th Dragon Squadron, it has been confirmed that Stableford Hangar has fallen to the invaders. Since their occupation of the nearby Patocuda system over a year ago,  the 8th Dragon Squadron have begun making waves in other local star systems within the sector including the communist led Asoorajara system. Despite much resistance from the current political contingent, the local defence fleet were completely overwhelmed by the military might of the mercenary group...

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Now that the votes are closed, we will be forwarding our in game faction details to Frontier Developments for approval. Hopefully there won’t be any problems and we can look forward to being recognized in game as a group and as an actual part of this awesome title.

Thanks to everyone for voting and for their valuable input with regards to system choice and government type.

Much to look forward to, Dragons. Lets raise a glass for the 8th Dragon Squadron of Patocuda!

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Caerus Election Results

Caerus Comms Partners today won the election after claiming an overall majority – and in doing so, retained each of the their orbital assets, Silves Terminal and Whymper City. Earlier today,  it was confirmed by Caerus Systems CEO, Colton Quincey, that Melinda Bayes resigned from her position as party PR agent after the group failed to win enough seats. This news was shortly followed by a press release made by CCP stating that they were overjoyed with the outcome, and that citizens clearly know what is best for the future of Caerus.

Lt General Ramirez who is acting as overseer of the Freedom Party of Caerus in Dex Nandez’ recent absence commented;

“While we are happy that any Federal operations by groups such as Caerus Systems are kept to a minimum, given the past history that CCP had with them, we cannot count on Caerus Comms as allies...

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The Battle For Shokwa

war poster


The Battle For Shokwa has begun. Federation controlled party Shokwa Liberals are under attack from the independent Freedom Party of Caerus who recently commenced operations in the system. The outcome of the conflict has yet to be decided, but the Freedom Party undoubtedly have the upper hand. Citizens flocked to the side of the independents almost as soon as they arrived and with the alleged assistance of the mercenary group, the 8th Dragon Squadron, it appears that Shokwa will soon become an independently controlled sector.

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