NLTT 21088
Felicia Winters Territory
NLTT 21088 Bridge Network
Weber Terminal

The once soothing voice of the ships A.I had become irritated in its attempts to get its Commander’s attention for the last five minutes; it was obvious to the A.I that the Commander was registering her attempts on the barest peripheral of his consciousness as its words faded into the background; far behind the sounds of heavy guitar riffs, pounding double kick blast beats and heavy bass licks, all accompanied by a screaming lead soloist, along with the thick sickly sweet smell of a healthy plant which the Commander himself had a personal hand in cultivating, filled the cockpit of RETRO ELECTRO – the Cobra Mk III which rested on landing pad 42.

“Commander Corvinus,” S.I.A.H repeated again, the A...

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Behind the Curtain

[ redacted ]
11 Sept 3301

“Do you know how long I’ve worked toward this singular moment??” He asked, his hands clasped behind his back gazing out the huge office window marveling at this cities landscape. The dense cloud cover made viewing the city below impossible, but the view that was afforded was breathtaking; three hundred and forty nine floors below Him the city teemed with people, and they were clueless. Skyscrapers rose up through low hanging clouds blinking with red and blue lights making them look like buoys on a murky billowing sea, ships of all makes rising and diving into the fogginess like mechanical fish. This planet, this entire system in fact benefited greatly due to the influence of the man staring out the massive oval window.

The question rhetorical...

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Tigers, theeey’re great!

Glidden Landing
16:42:35 ZT

“Gliese 900.1, Caerus and now Eta Draconis… excuse me…Alignak for the Tigers and EDGVC.
This seemed never ending; the running back and forth for someone else. Making their pockets larger all the while the 8th getting stuck with the bill.
The bounty bill I’m referring to.
My personal, somewhere in the high 500,000cr range. All for systems I could give less than a Arcturian rats ass about.”
I let out a long sigh.
“This is going to be a long day,” I muttered to myself.

“Fear not Commander. At least you have me for company,” S.I.A.H, the ships A.I, happily interjected.

“Are you still here??” I said, head in my hands.

“A bit harsh Commander, but I’ll let that slide. I have a feeling that today will be a fantastic one.”

“What gives you this ‘feeling’??”

“I’ve yet the capacity to fully explain th...

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