18:30 | 27/09/3303 | Patocuda System

“RogueCmdr, Delaine is leaving Coney Gateway and 8th Dragon command personnel remain present on the station,” reported the Andromeda.

“Ugh, I missed another meeting again!” grunted the ship’s commander, switching off the tactical view on his visor. “Andromeda, stand down from attack protocol alpha one and request docking from Coney Gateway.”

“Standing down. Requesting docking clearance,” the ship responded. 

RogueCmdr awaited confirmation and looked out past the bow of his new Python. “Every time I get here,” he muttered, “Everyone is off getting drunk and only a few of us if any are out on patrol.  It’s a no wonder the Kumo Crew had no trouble smashing the defenses.”

“Throttle to 50%” Andromeda announced. 

“NO! Stupid AI! I am going to replace you with Orion or Eli...

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