Man on a Mission (Part 2)


Cloning Thargoids was an insane idea even for Colton Quincey.  This lab was compromised and time was running out.  JerichöX began considering his options rapidly.  He stared at the caged Thargoid.   “I wonder how they managed to experiment on you big guy.  I’m betting you’re perpetually pissed off.”

JerichöX looked back at the cage control panel, reviewing the buttons and switches.  It would be best to just plant his satchel charges all over the lab and make his escape from this place.  But he always preferred style over safety.  Maybe that was why trouble seemed to follow him.  Too bad he had executed all of the scientists; one would be handy to have right now.  Luckily JerichöX had been in some prison cages himself.  Prisons were what the universe considered penance for being an outlaw.  The price for being a bad boy was always prison or death...

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JerichöX laid down the Naescorcom macrobinoculars on a small ice shelf next to him.  He had been on Jotun for three days, and watching a small scientific outpost for the last 14 hours.  JerichöX’s contact in Empire Special Ops had been partly correct.  Rumors of a secret scientific outpost in the badlands of Jotun were true.  Rumors that the outpost was developed by Sirius Corp. to perform gene splicing and DNA hybridization experiments were probably not true.The small outpost had been built directly beside a partially buried spacecraft.  It appeared the craft had crash landed in the frozen tundra of Jotun.  Since most of the ship was buried in ice, JerichöX could not be sure of the type.  From what he could see, it was not a ship class or make he recognized.  On rare occasions, he had seen scientists scurrying to and from the outpost into the downed spacecraft...
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