Caerus – A Universal Hangover


“Sweet Mother of all Tucans!” yelled Furieux, gasping for air as he jolted awake and instantly smacked his pounding head in the darkness. He attempted to raised his hand to rub the pain away but discovered that wherever he was the space was restricted. It felt like a coffin. He closed his eyes and tried to recover his memories though the vision he had just experienced gripped him , refusing to unhook its vivid claws from his mind. His throat was dry. He wanted a drink. Any drink. Even water would do. He licked his lips and concentrated. He listened. The sound of a soft hiss and a slight repetitive tick interspersed with the odd digital bleep reached his ears. An escape pod. He had used one of these before. Why was he in one though? The Orca. Amir Raj and his small army of thugs. Thank the Mother for reactive armour. More memories came flooding back. The mission on Eshana had been a success, but Raj had intercepted the Delicate Heart on his return to Popov Hub. He chided himself for not being more alert. He remembered nothing after being shot though...

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Caerus Election Results

Caerus Comms Partners today won the election after claiming an overall majority – and in doing so, retained each of the their orbital assets, Silves Terminal and Whymper City. Earlier today,  it was confirmed by Caerus Systems CEO, Colton Quincey, that Melinda Bayes resigned from her position as party PR agent after the group failed to win enough seats. This news was shortly followed by a press release made by CCP stating that they were overjoyed with the outcome, and that citizens clearly know what is best for the future of Caerus.

Lt General Ramirez who is acting as overseer of the Freedom Party of Caerus in Dex Nandez’ recent absence commented;

“While we are happy that any Federal operations by groups such as Caerus Systems are kept to a minimum, given the past history that CCP had with them, we cannot count on Caerus Comms as allies. What the future holds for the party is uncertain, whereas we at the FPoC can change the lives of everyone in Caerus.”

Knight Station party, Democrats of Caerus refused to comment.



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The Battle For Shokwa

war poster


The Battle For Shokwa has begun. Federation controlled party Shokwa Liberals are under attack from the independent Freedom Party of Caerus who recently commenced operations in the system. The outcome of the conflict has yet to be decided, but the Freedom Party undoubtedly have the upper hand. Citizens flocked to the side of the independents almost as soon as they arrived and with the alleged assistance of the mercenary group, the 8th Dragon Squadron, it appears that Shokwa will soon become an independently controlled sector.

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Caerus – The Election

“How far ahead are they?” asked Colton Quincey.

The CEO of Caerus Systems was seated on an antique leather chair behind an antique oak desk in a room made to resemble an antique office from the 19th century. Ever one to promote style over substance, the Federation advocate reveled in his surroundings. It made him feel presidential. This morning however, he was far from pleased. The light from Caerus spilled into the room causing shadows over everything except the face of his PR agent, Melinda Bayes, the lack of which made her her squint as she sat opposite him. Quincey didn’t close the blinds. He liked to watch her discomfort.

“At the moment CCP have a zero point six lead,” she responded shielding her eyes with a long fingered hand, “Nothing we cant handle. But we need to get campaigning.”

Quincey reached into a drawer and pulled out a cigar and novelty lighter that resembled a gun.  Popping it into his mouth, he lit it, sat back and regarded her as he puffed. “Is this all I employ you for? To bring me bad news?” he asked after a few moments. Bayes stared at him as if she didn’t understand the question...

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Shokwa – Best Laid Plans

“Where the hell is Dex?” yelled Ramirez in the FPoC HQ Intelligence room. Geryk Lepinski continued tapping away at his terminal as if he hadn’t heard. “Hey Kimono-boy, you listening?” she asked again.

Lepinksi sighed dramatically and spun around in his chair.

“He left two days ago with no explanation as to why or where he was going. Probably having another one of his ‘episodes’. You know him as well as I do, or better, as the case may be.” he smirked.

Ramirez scowled at him and threw up her hands in resignation. The relationship between her and the leader of the Freedom Party was no secret to members of the group but Ramirez didn’t like to talk about it. She rapidly changed the subject. “Are you aware of how much local support we have lost in Caerus recently? Our agents in Shokwa are performing well but the Comms Partners are rapidly gaining popularity. What are you doing about it?”

“My dear Enya, worry not, ” responded Lepinksi, turning back around to observe the data on his screen. “It is all in hand. I have been masterminding a grand plan with the 8th Dragon Squadron...

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