Patocuda’s 8th Dragon Squadron have issued a response to the highly controversial allegations made recently by rival party Patocuda League just before the latter’s call for election was announced.  Patrician Vayda Macias firmly denies Patocuda League’s political high flyer Dia Riordan’s accusations suggesting the 8th Dragon government has ties with Harma crimelord, Archon Delaine.

Macias was insistent that she had no knowledge of any government personnel who might be in talks with the criminal group, yet stated that she “cannot speak for” the original founding mercenaries who despite their highly secretive and autonomous hierarchy, are said to remain in the legislative sidelines.

“Mrs Riordan’s speech was based purely on hearsay and rumour-mongering,” Macias said, “I can say with utmost confidence that no one member of our cabinet has ever dealt with,...

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Patrician Vayda Macias, Mission controller for the 8th Dragon Squadron, stormed into the noisy Star & Garter on Coney Gateway as if she were on a mission herself. Her point of focus was a male pilot propping up the bar, laughing as he reached towards a row of small shot glasses and readying himself to play a favourite drinking game with a fellow barfly. Typical, she thought, but I’ll soon knock that smug grin off his intoxicated face.

She made a beeline for for him, roughly bumping shoulders with off duty miners, drunken traders and suited SysAuths and punched her target hard in the arm as he was downing a shot. He spluttered and choked on the drink.

“Just what the hell do you think you’re playing at, Furieux?” she spat angrily over the noise.

The tall commander winced and took a moment to rub away the pain before fixing her with a cheeky smirk which only...

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While many neighbouring star systems have recently undergone drastic governmental reform, the Patocuda citizenry remain staunchly supportive of 8th Dragon Squadron rule in their home system – despite rumours of the founding members entering into a secret treaty with a major galactic power.

The majority of the reorganisations and takeovers are widely understood to be a result of the machinations of Archon Delaine and his so-called Kumo Crew, yet it is unknown whether the core members of the highly active mercenary group were also involved in the operation. Speaking publicly, Patocuda League’s political front runner, Dia Riordan, slammed the 8th Dragon Squadron with a biting rhetoric suggesting the founding members of the party have sold out to ‘pirates and galactic scum’.

“If a government like the 8th Dragon Squadron states that it is not committed purely and ...

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The four pilots of the 8th Dragon Squadron waited on the surface of landing pad 40. As Delaine and his entourage descended from the huge Anaconda the two groups appraised one another warily. The scene was reminiscent of an old western movie Adamantium thought. Archon stood out among his men; an imposing figure, broad shouldered and tall with coarse blond locks that framed a craggy, simian face. He looked dangerous and cunning and held an unchanging expression that displayed a mixture of cynicism, suspicion and superiority. He, like his companions who were obviously keen to emulate their leader, were dressed in garb befitting Imperial nobility rather than the pirates they were. The Kumo Crew were not just some small criminal empire like so many others scattered across the bubble, they had real power, influence and evidently – very good taste in clothing...

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After a turbulent and politically charged assignment, all vessels belonging to the 8th Dragon Squadron of Patocuda have now departed the conflict ravaged system of Terra Mater.  Since the signing of their well publicized agreement to support the Brotherhood of Terra Mater in a full scale takeover of their home system, the contract mercs faced a campaign fraught with issues as many powerful and equally well organised factions were staunchly focused on keeping the Terra Mater system under Justice Party control.

During the operation, Dragon pilots reported swift and deadly resistance from local parties and – rather unexpectedly – followers of the Guardians of Harmony; a group known to hold strong ties with Utopian cult leader, Pranav Antal...

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