‘OK Kid, remember boost flip shoot – lets try this again, and this time hit the canister with the pulses not the bloody ship’

Out in a secluded part of the Caerus system I was teaching the kid basic combat. He wasn’t doing too bad, definitely not as bad as I told him. But in my experience the hard way is the only way. A lesson taught to me by the Professor which served me well through the years. I got to thinking of the old man, I hadn’t seen him for months, not since he tampered with my ships. He had tried to reopen communication with me, and I owe it to him to accept the olive branch, but i’m happy to leave him stewing for a while.

“5 contacts detected” the ships AI seemed to scream as the proximity lights and sirens flashed

“Get a message open frequency, dragon in distress and give me power to shields and engines”

“Are you not making a fight of it Wa...

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Day 1

Did I make a mistake? In my line of work families are not an attachment I can afford but the kid is the only tie to my real family. Its great that the other Dragons know who I am. I knew I could count on them for their support. Unfazed said it best when he told me that he didn’t give a toss who Stevenson was, he had Flown with me too long to let any past change his views on me.

As for being a parent, I havn’t told him yet I am actually related, he just thinks i’m some guy who saved his life. Is this rebellion normal? As a slave I never had the experience of being a free teenager. I have left him with the household staff while I head out into the void, hopefully by the time I return he will have come to terms with his parents death and we can see where we go from there.

Going to stop for the night get some shut eye before I check out the strange noises comin...

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