After docking at Coney Gateway, Idlewally made his way to his home away from home, the Star and Garter, the place where every adventure of note started, and the place where every mission was celebrated. He was looking forward to seeing some familiar faces after almost one Earth year working undercover for the Dragons, but as he walked through the doors of the bar, while heaving with activity, there was not a familiar face in sight, even the bar staff had changed.

Regardless Wally headed to the bar, hoping beyond hope Furieux hadn’t laid eyes on the case of Lavian he stashed with the barkeep before his mission began...

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“Is he on board?” the pirate king barked at his guards.

“According to the log he came on board at exactly 14:08 sire,” the officer mumbled.

“That was 4 hours ago! Now find him!” Delaine screamed as he opened the door to his private cabin.

“Looking for someone?” Idlewally chirped up. He was sat on the chair so lavish you could get away with calling it a throne, with his feet up on the desk, heels resting on the reports that had the pirate king so flustered in the first place

“How dare you? Who do you think you are?” Delaine growled, the rage bubbling atop the surface, hand reaching for his pistol.

“Ah, who am I? Now that is the real question. How about you get rid of your aides and we can talk in a civilised manner?”

Spotting Delaine’s movement, knowing he had mere seconds before the gun was aimed and discharged, he added “I would advise against that...

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‘Well I’ll be damned, Wally good to see you. I take it by the uniform you are now a free man?’ Cmdr Skifton greeted me as I entered what could loosely pass as an office.

‘Free as a Leestian humming bird, how are things, heard you have moved up in the world?’

‘Well trying to, but that’s a matter for another day. Look, I would love to tell you all about it, but I’m waiting on an important meeting, head to the Star and Garter, whatever you want on my tab, I will join you once I am done, I will tell you all about it. If things go well there could be a job in it for you.’

‘No problem, take your time, I’m sure me and the bar will become well acquainted,’ I replied, shaking the hand of one of the few men who saw past my shackles and treated me as a person not a slave.

After three hours Cmdr Skifton walked into the bar, looking slightly pissed off.

‘Take it your meeting...

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I just cant get my head around it. At first I thought the change in mood was down to Furieux’s departure. But after the fallout had died down, I noticed a certain shift in attitude remained with a handful of the Dragons. Was it me? Were they resentful that others had looked to me to take the mantle of unofficial leader of the group? After all I had always been one of the guys, the one they felt they could come to when Furieux was either too drunk or to occupied with his latest conquest, but that seemed to have changed. I sat alone trying to ponder it out. Years as a slave, then at the card tables I had always been able to get a read on people, and I knew something wasn’t right. But these men and women I trusted with my life, hell I owed most of them my life and vice versa...

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After the news our founder and leader has filtered through the ranks of the Dragons, many wanted to pay homage to the womanising drunk we all came to see as a brother.  1st choice was to pay homage by all buying Orcas, but thankfully we wernt that drunk, so in homage to the iconic red Orce – we all got dressed in our prettyest red frocks – and in true dragon style – there was no you sit there you move left – it was just chaos 🙂11958275_10154321319951808_5770763013122731858_o 1500859_490464737794441_3188468316563497850_o 11951791_10204885362481748_4947698759821705285_n1912488_1007705379281077_5507220654604698970_o 10339236_10205092640012583_4632595095291010758_o 10446184_10205092636892505_2010630773396728786_o 10452939_10154321319956808_5859953034931426084_o 10518581_10153221880739891_2314375460948279159_o 10518581_10205092640572597_4075351105901718210_o 10623793_490464904461091_610663830192349788_o 10631142_490464727794442_4597459215399378361_o 10633395_490464891127759_2786876417100265675_o 10669051_10207283130623897_13983126273267364_o 11070992_490464731127775_7506651346681629890_o (1) 11070992_490464731127775_7506651346681629890_o 11113530_490464724461109_6366972438401066312_o 11115809_490464911127757_3752569455415604312_o 11143178_10205092636692500_6968530758251725692_o 11168894_490464714461110_4742323970314885447_o 11174534_1007705405947741_4005042462287322433_o 11221871_10153221880804891_2195645905586289484_o 11222079_490464734461108_8001769988573931923_o 11225359_10207768947080561_1141675700816487933_o 11231275_1007705385947743_7503975470714915034_o 11703451_1007705382614410_8300336268643590094_o 11708048_10205092636652499_8503179084651489162_o 11845210_10207768947280566_1604197079583495227_o 11885229_1197383430275662_3385255168837013195_n 11885788_1007705395947742_107120617440329209_o 11886132_10207283131263913_8715204716622173720_o 11893953_10205092638572547_3258975626173842013_o 11894279_10154321319966808_8559905791628722886_o 11894447_10154321319961808_6666713770425439206_o 11894519_490464907794424_8490881665148515184_o 11896537_10154321319936808_590038657499168687_o (1) 11896537_10154321319936808_590038657499168687_o 11905446_10153221880784891_96966797637383348_o 11906807_490464884461093_5845914975074801449_o 11907159_1197383426942329_1206107771542162821_o 11908904_10205092637852529_8622164551477713443_o 11913504_1007705389281076_4007715959077273189_o 11921833_10153221880734891_4124032922645956620_o 11921868_490464721127776_2266218768971507754_o (1) 1111921868_490464721127776_2266218768971507754_o 11921886_10153221880799891_3915071167025880586_o 11922847_10153221880779891_1933833330437892064_o 11922915_10207283130303889_636065025802625973_o 11924339_10154321319971808_8091848428882421868_o 11927461_1007705392614409_4351207282893660432_o 11928711_10153221880809891_7304500022498500624_o 11947811_1007705402614408_391445262111615006_o 11947831_10207768952960708_5324409503400006454_o 11947895_10153759614583109_5009710571690244569_o 11947921_10154321319981808_6945162846032388865_o 11947964_490464741127774_3849533572134995116_o 11950166_10153759614578109_5577056817517502076_o 11950257_10153759614803109_1949551001099425930_o 11950261_1007705399281075_168189434426776777_o (1) 11950261_1007705399281075_168189434426776777_o 11951575_490464901127758_1371541254396696231_o 11951617_10153759614568109_8771904173282830153_o 11952931_490464717794443_3450117209501130261_o 11953310_10207283133303964_5701728641941560807_o 11953450_490464711127777_6852627430188787726_o 11958275_10154321319951808_5770763013122731858_o (1)

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