Popov Hub Hanger
Pad 21
July 8, 3301
20:48 hrs, UST

The pad lift slid back bringing the ship safely into the dock.  Though safely might have been a bit of an over statement as the ship was smoking heavily.  The smell of burning electrical systems billowing out from rents in the ship’s hull. The port side pylon was crushed, the C3 Beam Laser that was supposed to have been housed there, was nothing more than the remnants of the gimbal it once sat upon. The main body showed signs of a severe impact with evidence of laser fire along the trailing edges of the ship. The whine of the engine as it spun down sounded more like a dull rattling hiss, than the sophisticated hum of a Gutamaya power plant . The once proud Imperial Courier had been reduced to a barely functioning piece of space garbage.

The Popov Hub klaxons rang as crews rushed out with extinguishing equipm...

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