It’s been just two weeks since I felt the need to make myself scarce for a while and head out into the Big Black. I needed time to think about things, time to find some greater meaning, justify my existence, who knows what? Maybe I just needed to find myself.

It was a real wrench having to leave Sammy though. She’d been a real bright light in my life since we’d hooked up. She kept me civilised, stopped me getting blind drunk in the Star & Garter every night, gave me a reason to get up and carry on each morning. Plus she was a damned good Chief Engineer. She could take your ship apart and put her back together for you without having to look at the manual. A real old-school, hands-on kind of girl. I’d found her when I was looking for somewhere out of the way to stash the Cobra on Cook Ring...

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It’s now been some months since I entered the Eta Draconis system and took up with the 8th Dragon squadron in their fight for justice for Gold Vision Co. It sure made a change from the grind of trading and the Dragons are a great bunch of Commanders to share a few beers with, that’s for sure.

Then there was the Gliese 900.1 campaign, where we’d been fighting to help Emperor’s Grace gain control of the system. I’d had a little trouble with this one as I’d had some financial problems paying off the loan I took out when I bought the Cobra back in Eravate...

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A couple of nights ago I arrived in the Eta Draconis system, following a tip-off from a fellow Commander that things were starting to get interesting in-system due to a state of civil unrest during what seemed to be an attempted Federation takeover, and that a sharp entrepreneurial trader like myself should be able to make some reasonable money there.

I’d been running the same rare items trade circuit back and forth for a couple of weeks, spending every spare credit I could on much-needed repairs and upgrades to my second-hand Cobra Mk. 3, the ‘Objects in Mirror are Closer than they Appear’. She’s a good ship, but she hadn’t been particularly well equipped when I’d bought her at a knock-down price from another trader who’d needed to change his identity and get out of system quickly...

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Cearus System
Popov Hub
July 30, 3301

“Thank you Captain, my ship looks ready to roll.” Mac commented as he completed the walk-around of his Vulture, Garunda. “I appreciate the efforts.  I need to get my ass to Shokwa and join the fight there.”

Mac tossed a casual salute to the hanger captain and headed up the ramp into the ship. Slapping the hatch switch, he made his way to the cockpit.

“The hatch is closed and secured, Mac.” The lyrical AI commented.

“Thanks Kalliope. Systems check please.” McCaffrey plopped into the command seat and began to buckle himself….

“Where the frell is my towel!” He cursed out loud. His head swiveling around like a madman. His hands reaching below the seat, into the side storage, even under his ass, checking the seat he sat on.

“I believe you took it to the cleaners on Monday...

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