There have been celebrations in Patocuda once again, as General Kent Blackburn’s military campaign for dominance of the system took a huge downturn in recent voting. Current reports suggest that his failure in this latest election has resulted in a change in ownership of Fernao do Po Port, with Patocuda League withdrawing their operations from the station and leaving control in the hands of the 8th Dragon Squadron.

All attempts at contacting the Blackburn administration have been met with silence, though one reporter did manage to catch a sound-bite as the general boarded his ship:
“…cking pisshead, drug peddling, pirate… maniacs!”

Ships belonging to Dia Riordan were recently seen docking at Bentham Hub, coinciding with the arrival of Blackburn and his staff. The situation in Patocuda certainly seems to get stranger every week! It would appear that the Patocuda League are regrouping. Either that or they are in meltdown following the unprecedented shift in support we’ve seen for the 8th Dragon Squadron by the people, through two election campaigns led by the fiercest power struggle we’ve seen in these systems for many years. All this to oppose a government accused of piracy, drug trafficking, and a complete lack of responsibility or care for Patocuda. The League should hope they can regain their composure here, because what we’ve seen is the voters of a system that clearly support their government and all the revelry that goes with it, and something doesn’t quite add up.

Latest reports suggest that Riordian and Blackburn are in the process of resolving their inter-political issues and may mount a further attempt to finally resolve the ‘problem’ within Patocuda. Clearly, they have a lot of work to do, but it seems another election is on the cards. Patocuda League have everything to lose now, so let’s hope they have their strategy in place or they will face even further embarrassment.

We will continue to gather the facts, and endeavour to speak to the leading members of the Riordan and Blackburn administrations as they inevitably prepare themselves for another campaign to take back control of Patocuda. For now, we leave you in the spirit of the festivities at Coney with words from the only commander willing to go on record with our reporter, Felicia Reynolds.

“Well, hell…

<transmission interrupted>

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