After docking at Coney Gateway, Idlewally made his way to his home away from home, the Star and Garter, the place where every adventure of note started, and the place where every mission was celebrated. He was looking forward to seeing some familiar faces after almost one Earth year working undercover for the Dragons, but as he walked through the doors of the bar, while heaving with activity, there was not a familiar face in sight, even the bar staff had changed.

Regardless Wally headed to the bar, hoping beyond hope Furieux hadn’t laid eyes on the case of Lavian he stashed with the barkeep before his mission began. After 5 minutes of being told, ‘I’ll be with you in a minute’ Wally decided to take matters into his own hands, after all, there had never been an issue with the Dragons help yourself policy, after all it was this group of rag tag mercs that kept this sector in business.

Mekanik Wheelybod and Roguecmdr, sat idly chatting about Mekanics latest conquest, the red headed barmaid currently rushed off her feet, when they spotted this stranger taking liberties in their bar, no way they were standing for some scruffy wastrel take liberties in their bar, and quickly rose to stop this vagabond getting away with whatever he was trying to steal.

Wally breathed a sigh of relief to find the case intact, its a hard task to keep booze hidden from his brother by bonds of battle, a win for me he thought, reclaiming the 1st of many bottles he intended to polish off this night. He turned and stood, and was halted by the 3 figures standing menacingly in his path.

‘Share a drink chaps?’ Wally asked, his normally winning smile obscured by the week old growth on his chin.

‘Just who the hell do you think you are?’ asked Roguecmdr.
‘You are either brave or stupid to be behind that bar’ the aggression in Mekanics voice evident to the perceived thief.

‘Whoo guys, chill, cant a man just enjoy a drink in peace?’ Wally asked, ‘this is a……..’

‘WE ASKED WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE ASSHOLE’ Wheelybod commanded, pushing Wally, making him drop his bottle. Wally was known as a man whose mouth could get him out of as much trouble as it got him into it, but as his 50 year old Lavian lay smashed and wasted on the bar floor, the time for talking was over. There is an old saying on Earth, no point crying over spilt milk, however, brandy was a different matter entirely, and quick as a flash the man struck at Mekanik, making solid contact in his midsection, but his friend, Wheelybod seeing the punch coming reacted quicker than Wally expected, landing a right hook right across Wally’s left eye, staggering him, giving Mekanik time to retaliate himself with an elbow flush in his nose Roguecmdr following up with another punch to the same eye. All three men started to rain blows down on this fool who dared pick a bar fight with a clutch of dragons, until the Lavian on the floor was mixed with Wally’s blood.

Once the 3 men had decided that the lesson had been beaten into this now bloodied and swollen upstart Mekanik picked him up and headed for the door to throw him out, where they were met by Adamantium, Furieux and Nyxx.

‘For gods sake put him down’ Adamantium said to the 3 men

‘Making friends again brother’ Furieux chuckled

‘What can I say every one loves me’ Wally grimaced, blood still trickling from his nose, and his now half closed swollen eye.

‘Here you need this more than I do’ Nyxx laughed passing Wally the half smoked reefer, then turning to the 3 now confused victors of this scuffle.

‘You do realise you have just beat up one of our founder members’

‘Oh shit, sorry man’ Mekanik said
‘Yeah we never knew sorry’ added Roguecmdr

‘No need for apologies, I’ve not had a decent scrap in months’ Wally insisted, gingerly picking himself up’ Seriously can we get you drink or something to make it up to you? ‘Wheelybod asked, helping the battered man to his feet.

‘No no honestly guys, no need, if you want to make it up to me then let me crack open another bottle or 2 of brandy and maybe have a few hands of cards’ Wally replied, winking at Furieux, who laughed, knowing all to well that a few hands of cards meant Wheelybod, Roguecmdr and Mekanik were going to pay a lot more than they bargained for for that beating.

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