As the matt black Anaconda settled serenely on a landing pad at Coney Gateway its pilot shut down the engines and set about carefully prepping her for storage. Musing while he worked, Starwarker considered the events of the last couple of months. With Wally, Furieux and Adamantium busy playing hide the saltine with Archon Delaine and his fellows, he had been working quietly in the background. The ‘tourists’ he’d been discreetly ferrying around neighbouring systems had paid well; simple charters from simple people of little interest to anyone – unless examined more carefully. The few curious bounty hunters and patrolling SysAuths that did show an interest quickly moved on once they realised the cruise liner had some teeth. Now, after the Delaine affair was over, the decision had been made to claim certain strategic assets for the 8th Dragon Squadron in Patocuda itself. Defences must be bolstered in the event that the Kumo Crew broke their probably worthless word.

Having finished prepping his ship for storage he sent a request through to the hangar techs to get her moved and asked them to prep another vessel in his fleet for departure. Knowing that it would take some time, Starwarker made his way to the Star and Garter, following well-trodden paths, carpets worn and in need of repair due to overuse. No-one was around, likely because it was just before dawn and most of his fellow Dragons would have long gone back to their ships or to one of the many thousands of stations based quarters available for rent.

Pulling up a stool at the bar he reached into his jacket and pulled out one of the bar cards he had and flipped it over. He noticed it was Wally’s. Given the commander’s recent ‘disappearance’ Starwarker figured that Wally hadn’t required it in some time, so it should be good for a few drinks and certainly much safer to use than Furieux’s.

Waiting for his drink, he chuckled as he thought of the last time he had used Furieux’s card out at Fernao Do Po Port. It had been a quiet evening with only a few subdued patrons drinking and a single, small stakes betting game going on in the back corner. His drink had just arrived and he was settling back to relax, playing with a small shiny knickknack left on his ship that he couldn’t open, when through the door came two rather burly looking individuals. They consulted with the bartender who pointed a finger in Starwarker’s direction. Both toughs came to stand intimidatingly yet silently over his table. Clearly, Furieux owed these guys something but Starwarker simply ignored them and continued to fiddle with the shiny item until one of the heavies grabbed it and threw it at the bar. When it hit there was an almighty boom and a rather large hole melted into the bulkhead. The detonation and the bar patron’s screams of surprise momentarily distracted the two knuckle draggers. Using this distraction Starwarker left the scene, taking a short detour on his way out to collect an unattended bottle of gin. Hopefully Furieux wouldn’t get into too much trouble on any future visits to the station…

Ah, there was his drink. Sitting back, he pulled out another shiny knickknack as he waited for the techs to inform him they had finished their work.

A few hours later a comms call came in informing him that his ship was ready for departure. Surprised he hadn’t seen any of the Dragons during the wait, he made ready to go. Where to first…The mess with Delaine had screwed with business in Uru, almost dropping it into anarchy as a new political group forced its way into the system. Uru would need to wait however. Patocuda came first and the League had controlled a significant number of assets in Patocuda for too long. While Adamantium and the others were busy scheming against them, it was Starwarker’s role to set things up for the next stage – public faith in the League could only be allowed to grow so far before set on a terminal trajectory. It was a messy job, but someone had to do it. Shipping black boxes don’t incriminate the people you want them to without help now do they?

Leaving the gin bottle and a message for Furieux to avoid Fernao Do Po with the bartender, Starwarker fired up his Vulture and cruised out into the black. Just before the frameshift drive kicked in, he noticed a Corvette preparing to dock with the station making him think that he hadn’t seen Mohizz in a while, perhaps that was another thing that needed checking on sooner rather than later.