Patocuda’s 8th Dragon Squadron have issued a response to the highly controversial allegations made recently by rival party Patocuda League just before the latter’s call for election was announced.  Patrician Vayda Macias firmly denies Patocuda League’s political high flyer Dia Riordan’s accusations suggesting the 8th Dragon government has ties with Harma crimelord, Archon Delaine.

Macias was insistent that she had no knowledge of any government personnel who might be in talks with the criminal group, yet stated that she “cannot speak for” the original founding mercenaries who despite their highly secretive and autonomous hierarchy, are said to remain in the legislative sidelines.

“Mrs Riordan’s speech was based purely on hearsay and rumour-mongering,” Macias said, “I can say with utmost confidence that no one member of our cabinet has ever dealt with, or has received bribes from any criminal organisation. However, I cannot speak for the founders of our government, who to this day, remain supportive of our administration. Thus, as far as Mrs Riordan’s allegations are set out, her proclamations are moot.”

Riordan has made a call for election after support for the Patocuda League tripled after news broke of alleged 8th Dragon corruption, but Miss Macias remains positive of the 8th’s future as the rightful overseers of the Patocuda system.

“We know from experience that dictatorial governments are far more prone to corruption than any other regime. Transparency is key to running a well developed administration, yet I find it disconcerting that General Kent Blackburn, current leader of the Patocuda League seems blissfully unaware of Mrs Riordan’s ambitions to seek power for herself.”

General Blackburn was unavailable for comment, but it is widely believed that he does not – or will not – corroborate Mrs Riordan’s allegations.

It is uncertain whether the 8th Dragon Squadron’s previously unequalled public approval will be enough to hold power of government in Patocuda, but the representation of both parties is – for now – cloudy. The results now rest in the electorate’s hands.

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