Latest polls from the election in Patocuda indicate a landslide victory for the 8th Dragon Squadron; a faction accused of allying themselves with Archon Delaine by the Patocuda League and current head of their election campaign, Dia Riordan. Initial reports suggest that control of Bao Orbital has already been handed over to 8th Dragon security forces, with Riordan leading the retreat of the Patocuda League’s infrastructre staff from the extraction outpost.

While Dia Riordan was unavailable for comment, this begs the question – what is going on with the political landscape in Patocuda? This is a huge turnaround in what seemed to be a forgone election result for the Patocuda League. Their campaign to discredit the 8th Dragon Squadron and label them as pirates appeared to amass a huge amount of support; clearly this sway in the otherwise calm political standings in the system suggest some of these rumours must be true. However, the vast counter-swing in the election polls indicate a much more complicated state of affairs. We once again approached Patrician Vayda Macias for her take on this unexpected turn of events:

“The population of Patocuda has spoken. We’ve existed under this governance for several years now and the people see no reason to submit to the rule of a dictator. I can imagine it was easy to raise this negative support through the falsification of such immotive information among some of Miss Riordan’s followers, but we will state again – we are not criminals, nor pirates. These results speak for the truth.”

General Kent Blackburn, of the Patocuda League, has been overtly vocal in his reaction. Representatives from his office contacted us directly with a statement just hours ago:

“This is an outrage. This election landslide can only be attributed to the ineptitude of Dia Riordan. She herself has campaigned for awareness of these Dragons’ affiliation with Archon Delaine’s criminal activity, yet put no contingency in place for the subversion and corruption that has clearly happened here. To expect to rally such a takeover without the proper security measures in place demonstrates a complete lack of experience in such matters, and I will be taking every measure to see her removed from her position within the League. The time for strong, military-focused action is now. As for these criminals, rogues, and renegades who would see our system fall into anarchy, I issue this warning: You will lose, and you will will brought to justice.”

It seems the battle for control of not just Patocuda, but for the leadership of the Patocuda League, will continue in the coming days and weeks. More news as we have it.

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