While many neighbouring star systems have recently undergone drastic governmental reform, the Patocuda citizenry remain staunchly supportive of 8th Dragon Squadron rule in their home system – despite rumours of the founding members entering into a secret treaty with a major galactic power.

The majority of the reorganisations and takeovers are widely understood to be a result of the machinations of Archon Delaine and his so-called Kumo Crew, yet it is unknown whether the core members of the highly active mercenary group were also involved in the operation. Speaking publicly, Patocuda League’s political front runner, Dia Riordan, slammed the 8th Dragon Squadron with a biting rhetoric suggesting the founding members of the party have sold out to ‘pirates and galactic scum’.

“If a government like the 8th Dragon Squadron states that it is not committed purely and singularly to the very systems and worlds it claims to protect, reasoning that they leave such a highly important task to internal civilian delegates, then what happens with the continuity of the responsibility of these governments?” she said. “The Dragon Squadron are explicitly violating their previous agreements and neglecting an obvious security issue simply by negotiating with a man who would see murder, assault, theft and slavery welcomed into our peaceful society. Why else, I ask you, has Patocuda been left untouched by the grubby, bloody hands of pirates and galactic scum?”

The 8th Dragon Squadron have yet to comment on Riordan’s stance.  It is believed they were all drunk at the time of the broadcast and missed it.