For some time now, the actions of the 8th Dragon Squadron mercenary group have been erratic to say the least. Offering their services to the highest bidder with a complete disregard of any consequences has led to some unprecedented shifts in power throughout the galaxy.

From Eta Draconis to 49 Arietis, the mercenary group has run over thirteen successful campaigns and extended its influence over multiple systems around their home base of Patocuda. Using every tool at their disposal to complete their contracts, the 8th Dragon Squadron are seen as a ruthless bunch with little to no moral standards. Multiple reports of their affiliated commanders being drunk, brawling, serving jail time, using narcotics, flying without permit, and fornicating with high ranked Imperial nobles haven’t prevented the group taking on new contracts over the years.

On the contrary, their actions seem to have kindled the interest of many desperate governmental administrations and corporations looking to deal with problems no one else could handle.

It’s no wonder that the latest rumours about their next contract point to a deal with the infamous Brotherhood of Terra Mater. This callous gang, well known for their Terra Mater Blood Bores drug, are facing some difficulties since they’ve been removed from power in their home system by the Terra Mater Justice Party.

It seems that the Brotherhood of Terra Mater has finally reached out for help and settled some sort of deal with the 8th Dragon Squadron. As of this moment, we haven’t been able to get details on this potential deal, but Commander Mohizz, official spokesperson for the 8th Dragon Squadron has made a short statement: “If and when we get involved, trust me, you’ll know”.

Questions are being raised concerning the recent rumours of corruption inside the 8th Dragon civilian administration and the political turmoil that followed. Have the 8th Dragon Squadron lost their grip on reality? Will they really deal with one of the most despicable gangs in populated space and help them to reinstate the Blood Bore market? And what’s in it for the mercenary group?

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