The Militia for Independent Research along with their partners, Wayfarer Industries have succeeded in their pledge to make the 49 Arietis system a hub for privately funded and co-operative studies into alien research. As one of the closest systems to the Pleiades Sector, without Federal or Imperial presence, the once lawless and poorly patrolled system has seen an increase in security formed by the new government.  War broke out last week in zones across the system including main starport Gaiman Dock, home to the 49 Arietis Gold Council headquarters who have been in control of the sector for some time.

The poorly maintained Gold Council defence force were quickly routed by combat vessels belonging to both Wayfarer Industries and the MIR but reports suggest that many ships bearing the 8th Dragon insignia were also present.

Wayfarer Industries spokesperson, Raquel Verte said, “We are pleased that the combined forces involved in what was an unavoidable military confrontation managed to keep casualties to a minimum. The Gold Council would never have listened to reason and found themselves overwhelmed by our brave pilots. We now look to build on our victory by keeping a more watchful eye on system security than our forebears while continuing our xenoarchaeological studies here in 49 Arietis. Expeditions into the Pleiades Sector and elsewhere will be easier, more affordable, and as promised, free from interference by other parties.”

CMDR Kasparaitis of the MIR had a little more to say about the alleged participation of the 8th Dragon Squadron mercenary group.”They were there, with us, in many of the conflict zones,” he said. “We don’t know why they were in 49 Arietis or who paid them to do the job, but we at the Militia are astonished at how quickly the local political stage changed since their arrival. We are aware of the 8th’s reputation as galactic riff-raff who stoop to any task for credits or booze, but we fully believe they are a far tighter unit than many suspect. We thank them for their assistance in supporting our mission.”

The 49 Arietis Gold Council were unavailable for comment.

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