Wayfarer Industries, a leading private xenoarchaeological group based in the Pleiades Sector who have made some exceptional progress in the discovery and analysis of alien artifacts over the last ten years, has lashed out at the increased Federal and Imperial scientific teams deployed within the region.

The group, who pride themselves in their vision of professional transparency say that the highly-classified research conducted by both galactic superpowers devalues any meaningful scientific advancement concerning alien civilisations and suggest that their activities could lead to a potentially disastrous outcome. Spokesperson, Raquel Verte was quoted live on Galnet airing the group’s views.

“We have been out there for more than ten years, “she said. “In that time, we have made some of the most important discoveries in our field and have been completely honest in all aspects of our work. Since the discovery of the first artifact, the Imperial and Fed science crews have all but overtaken our outposts and our operations have been repeatedly downplayed, contradicted and even plagiarized by the heavyweights. What’s next? Closing down systems to all but authorized personnel as they’ve done in the Orion Sector?”

Affiliated with the Militia for Independent Research of 49 Arietis, Wayfarer Industries have assured their shareholders that plans are in place to make the 49 Arietis system a central hub for truly independent research in xenoarchaeology, xenobiology and even space exploration. An area of space renowned for its turbulent lawlessness, 49 Arietis is not for the faint hearted.

“49 Arietis is perfectly located for expeditions into the Pleiades Sector,” Mrs Verte continued. “Together, with the help of the Militia for Independent Research, we will make 49 Arietis a safer, more economically sound base in which to conduct our research free of Federal or Imperial influence. We believe that their covert research could be dangerous to humanity as a whole. At best, they could keep the truth from us. At worst, we could be looking at our first war with an alien race. ”

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Wayfarer Industries has also gone so far as to employ the 8th Dragon Squadron in order to make their goal a reality. Given the past history of the mercenary group, citizens of 49 Arietis may see some major changes to their way of life.

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