Rumors are coming in from Patocuda, home of the 8th Dragon Squadron, about the recent investigation launched on their civilian government. Our source tells us that as a result, a fair number of commanders and political assets have been found guilty of corruption while some have defected the mercenary group for reasons unknown. Details are still to be revealed but we’ve been able to contact one of the men in charge of the investigation, Cmdr Mohizz, and here’s what he had to say:

“Over the last year, some of our commanders and civilian assets have been turned and blinded by the appeal of easy money. Omni-Wide Corp. a well known company, has tried to take advantage of our mercenary brotherhood to achieve their own agenda and take over the 8th Dragon Squadron civilian government. We cannot go into details at the moment but we’ve already started to clean up our ranks. Commanders implicated in any way with Omni-Wide corp. have been dismissed and we’re hunting down the last OWMC civilian assets as we speak. Rest assured that we will get to the bottom of this. In the meantime, Patocuda civilian population has nothing to be worried about, this won’t change anything for them.”

This political scandal could have more negative implication than Cmdr Mohizz would make us believe but to this point, the 8th Dragon Squadron leaders have been very cautious in handling this investigation and almost nothing has filtered as a result of the recent events.

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