In 3301, mercenary group, the 8th Dragon Squadron, settled into Patocuda with the intention of using the system as their base of operations. With much zeal, many local high fliers quickly saw the opportunity to forward their own personal goals, leading to an influx of private financial investors and local corporations seeking to exploit and profit from the system’s new administration.

From shrewd business types to wily politicians, many have jostled to take their place among the many appointed civilian positions required in organizing, maintaining and ruling an interplanetary government. Patocuda has since flourished, seeing new trade routes and other business opportunities opening far beyond system borders and many frontline industries have already expanded their own operations into other neighbouring star systems throughout the sector.

Galnet has reported news of this nature since the Dragons first set down on Coney Gateway, but recent geopolitical analyses suggest that over the last two years, the 8th Dragon Council – the true founding members of the group – have found themselves with less and less say in how the day to day running of the faction is run.

We had the opportunity to talk to current Patrician, Vayda Macias, who remains adamant that the 8th Dragon Squadron are in complete control of all aspects of government and refuting claims that other powerful sub-factions of the 8th Dragon administration are attempting to undermine the current directorate using their financial and political might as leverage.

“As soldiers of fortune, the 8th have always focused on foreign affairs and many of the Council members spend the majority of their time abroad,” she said.

“Our leadership have remained true to their roots and do not concern themselves with the bureaucracy that running an interstellar operation entails. That job is left to us. While it is true that many houses have profited greatly from the current administration, it is nothing out of the ordinary and certainly not something we, or anyone else, should be concerned about.”

However, political pundits suggest that one of the most powerful organizations in Patocuda, the Omni-Wide Micro Corp – a company who once specialized in construction and have since moved into new markets that include robotics, medicine and small arms – are currently set to petition for major changes to many governmental policies, the ramifications of which would undoubtedly spell much political and economic upheaval.

At odds with the neo-feudal administration of the 8th Dragon Squadron, the company has made no secret of their pro-corporate stance, and Mr. Archibald Wu, CEO and founder of the hundred-year-old OWMC claims that he will do everything in his power to “ensure that Patocuda and its citizens can look forward to a successful and independent future as an interstellar trading superpower. If that means going against the current listless and lazy 8th Dragon regime, then so be it.”

The OWMC are no strangers to the press, having been called upon to answer allegations of the trading of illicit goods – including human trafficking – in late 3302. Although after a long legal battle, the company were cleared of any wrongdoing, rumors continue to plague the group with subsequent claims of assassination, high profile hacking, illegal gun running and corporate sabotage.

Despite the assurances of Patrician Macias, many Patocudans remain concerned about the current political stage. The recent lock-down of all 8th Dragon Squadron owned systems hasn’t reassured the local supporters of the controlling faction in its ability to ensure the well-being of Patocuda and its affiliated systems.

The 8th Dragon Council have remained mostly silent with regards to Mr Wu’s public broadcast and corruption rumors; the only official word given was from commander DRY411S of the 8th Dragon Intelligence Corps, stating, “Yeah. We’re watching them.”

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