Citizens of Shepherd Orbital in the Jardovici system will rise tomorrow to find themselves under the administration of a new government. The recent election results between the Jardovici Justice Party and foreign power, the Black Birds Consilium, have now been fed to all local news networks confirming an overall majority win for the BBC.

A dictatorial regime originally based in the nearby system of Munfayl, the Black Birds Consilium wasted little time in securing assets in Jardovici over one standard year ago, including Cori Survey and Guerrero Prospect.  Seeing little opposition from the system’s then government, the party’s influence on local politics quickly escalated until the arrival of yet another foreign faction, the Guardians of Tranquility.

Keen to form a mutually beneficial relationship between the two parties, the Guardians were quoted as agreeing to make no moves towards control of Jardovici and are rumored to having employed the services of a mercenary group in order to ensure the legislative victory of the BBC in the next election.

Ardelle Kingston, leader of the Justice Party, has rubbished the results with claims that the Black Birds Consilium have been involved in poll rigging among other illegal acts.

“We know for a fact that the Guardian – Black Bird coalition employed the 8th Dragon Squadron to cheat the people of their right to an honest vote,” she said. “It’s common knowledge that the mercenary group use any means necessary to complete their contracts, legal or otherwise and our pre-election security forces have proof of their underhand tactics. We will not stand for such clear disrespect towards interstellar law and will fight this result to the bitter end.”

Neither the Black Birds Consilium nor the Guardians of Tranquility have made themselves available to comment at this point, but leading to some speculation, members of the 8th Dragon Squadron are said to have been reported to the authorities for being drunk and disorderly in the local Star & Garter shortly after the results were published.

This, however, according to local bartender, Mr Remington-Smythe, is nothing unusual.

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