An attack on a military base was today condemned by the 49 Arietis Defence Force as “completely unacceptable.”

Many perimeter security ships and automated defence installations were destroyed or damaged as they clashed with several air and ground based attackers during the incident at Stevens Reach. Millions of credits worth of damage to the base has been reported and sources suggest that the attack was planned by a rival faction based within 49 Arietis itself.

Speaking live on Galnet, Chief of Security Harlan Rhyne of the 49 Arietis Defence Force  said: “The violence was completely unacceptable. This base and all our other operational centres are highly important to what limited security we can offer in this hell hole of a system.  We have always worked very co-operatively with the current government and we deem this act to have been a political statement borne from as yet unknown sources. We have our suspicions regarding the party behind the assault and we will not rest until this issue has been resolved.”

Security protocols around all Defence Force bases have been raised as a result.

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