The 8th Dragon Squadron are to make a return to the Alliance space once critical to the inception of the long standing mercenary group. A formal contract has been drawn up by commander Igor Rock of the splinter squad, the Flying Tigers of Eta Draconis Рonce 8th Dragons themselves Рrequesting battle assistance in the HIP 80243 system. Conflict over the control of vital system resources and holdings has ensued between the local HIP 80243 Republic Party and the Eta Draconis Gold Vision Company who have strong historical ties with the 8th Dragons. Intel suggests that the Republic Party have managed to secure heavy Federal backing in defence of their operations and sightings of at least one Farragut class warship in system has been reported. Currently the Flying Tigers have taken substantial losses over the last few standard days, and whether the support of the 8th Dragon Squadron will make a difference or not remains to be seen.

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