After a long and drawn out battle in the HIP 80243 system, the Eta Draconis Gold Vision Company stand victorious over the HIP 80243 Republic Party. An important station essential to the system’s agricultural and tourist industry has fallen under the control of the invaders thanks to the joint efforts of the Flying Tigers and 8th Dragon Squadron. Despite much resistance from the locals, who themselves employed a special ops team known as the Elite Secret Service to assist them, failed to defend Yegorov Terminal efficiently leading to a complete abandonment of posts by Republic Party officials early this morning. Administration of the station will now be overseen by Flying Tiger handlers, Gold Vision Company and its President, Vidar Vondell. The President assured the population that ‘this is the beginning of a better life for all who have made HIP 80243 their home.’

When asked if he had plans to exploit more opportunities within local borders the President declined to comment.

The war, while over, appears to have caused some tension between the 8th Dragon Squadron and the Elite Secret Service, however. Commander Adamantium, a high ranking member of the mercenary group said, “Some of us were attacked by the ESS during the conflict, but the assaults seemed far more personal than for the benefit of the Republic Party. For a group that claims to be secret, they made themselves pretty well known to us and appeared to thrive on the attention. It makes sense that the Republic Party lost if these are the kind of people they employ. Had they chosen us instead, the local political stage would have certainly looked much different today.”

Outside the Star & Garter on Coney Gateway, 8th Dragon Squadron member, commander Furieux, who’s own fight appeared to involve remaining upright, had this to say when asked about possible future disputes with the ESS.

“Who? Look. We had a contract and we fulfilled it. Job done. If there’s any dispute, it’s between the players of HIP 80243. And to us, disputes mean credits. If that’s the case, the Flying Tigers and ESS alike are welcome to pay us. And we are happy to accept it, whoever it comes from. Say, you got a light?”


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