Mercenary group, the 8th Dragon Squadron of Patocuda, have recently agreed to an undertaking subsidised by the Guardians of Tranquility in a bid to maintain and strengthen ties with the Black Birds Squadron of Munfayl. The Guardians, famous for their mind bending Tarach spice, have have long been allied with the 8th but have lately found themselves at odds with the BBS over control of Jardovici system. Plans have been set in motion for the 8th to support the BBS both economically and politically as a gesture of good will by the GoT, who have no real agenda in Jardovici besides the peddling of their arguably dangerous wares.

Many high ranking members of the 8th Dragon Squadron have expressed a deeply rooted kinship with the similarly focused Black Birds Squadron stating that the current controlling party, the Jardovici Justice Party who, like their Federal benefactors who are against drug use of any kind, are making real moves against local independent traditions. Concern regarding increased Federal presence in neighbouring space is at an all time high, and is quite possibly the prime catalyst to the 8th accepting their latest contract – complete control of the Jardovici system for the Black Birds Squadron.

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