‘Well I’ll be damned, Wally good to see you. I take it by the uniform you are now a free man?’ Cmdr Skifton greeted me as I entered what could loosely pass as an office.

‘Free as a Leestian humming bird, how are things, heard you have moved up in the world?’

‘Well trying to, but that’s a matter for another day. Look, I would love to tell you all about it, but I’m waiting on an important meeting, head to the Star and Garter, whatever you want on my tab, I will join you once I am done, I will tell you all about it. If things go well there could be a job in it for you.’

‘No problem, take your time, I’m sure me and the bar will become well acquainted,’ I replied, shaking the hand of one of the few men who saw past my shackles and treated me as a person not a slave.

After three hours Cmdr Skifton walked into the bar, looking slightly pissed off.

‘Take it your meeting didn’t go as planned?’ I asked as he joined me at my table.

‘Planned? It never even happened. Was meant to be meeting someone who could finally get us full control of this system, but he never showed.’

‘Seems you’re doing a good enough job already mate, FRC are booming since you and your team took over, and as I understand things Delkar Ltd have pretty much closed ranks, so what’s stopping you taking over?

Skifton looked at me, surprise in his face, ‘You seem pretty well informed as to what’s going on, what game are you playing?’

‘No game,’ I replied, smiling, ‘It’s in the dossier you sent us’

‘What? Are you trying to tell me you are with the 8th Dragons? I was supposed to be meeting with a Cmdr Adamantium.’

‘You were, but when I saw your name on the briefing I decided I’d drop by.’

As the realisation dawned I could see the anger building. ‘You knew I was waiting for you? Then why the hell did you leave me sat twiddling my thumbs for 3 hours?

‘You mentioned that my bar tab would be picked up by you, Its not often a man gets a free drinking session’

‘So you left me there just to get free beer?’

‘Keep your voice down, the free beer was an added bonus, however your office is most likely bugged, anything we said would be known by Delkar Ltd instantly, so me coming worked to our advantage. Now anyone seeing us together, just sees two old acquaintances having a catch up. My presence with you will be completely ignored. Now to business. You know our fee, despite our friendship, this is non negotiable, but as I said earlier, I don’t see why we are needed, you are doing a good enough job as it is.’

‘The problem is, with the population being so small in the system, many families have differing alliances, if we take the fight to them, we will have a hard time keeping order once we take control, which could lead to a civil war. What we need is someone not affiliated with us to just push things over. Then when we take control, we can release a statement saying we have negotiated a deal to keep the trouble makers away from the system.’

‘Ah, so you want to bring in the bad guys to do your dirty work, then win the public over by getting rid of the bad guys. Well, the plan certainly has merit. Okay, here’s what we will do, once the money is transferred, I want you to contact Adamantium from your office, he will inform you that the job is a no go as we have our own concerns with a pending conflict. In the mean time I will arrange a few of the guys to head over and start a little trouble, then once our war is over we will be down in force. Once you have what you want, you make a show of strength, we depart with our tails between our legs. Do we have an agreement?’

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