Tigers, theeey’re great!

Glidden Landing
16:42:35 ZT

“Gliese 900.1, Caerus and now Eta Draconis… excuse me…Alignak for the Tigers and EDGVC.
This seemed never ending; the running back and forth for someone else. Making their pockets larger all the while the 8th getting stuck with the bill.
The bounty bill I’m referring to.
My personal, somewhere in the high 500,000cr range. All for systems I could give less than a Arcturian rats ass about.”
I let out a long sigh.
“This is going to be a long day,” I muttered to myself.

“Fear not Commander. At least you have me for company,” S.I.A.H, the ships A.I, happily interjected.

“Are you still here??” I said, head in my hands.

“A bit harsh Commander, but I’ll let that slide. I have a feeling that today will be a fantastic one.”

“What gives you this ‘feeling’??”

“I’ve yet the capacity to fully explain this… feeling, but rest assured when a conclusion is reached you will be the second to know.”

“Fair enough,” I said. I sat at Glidden Landing in the Alignak system. I’m a wanted man here. Luckily S.I.A.H was able to hack their ship recognition systems so that they could never be sure whom I was. That was the beauty of having a self aware artificial intelligence as your onboard system; she thinks of solutions to situations I haven’t encountered yet. That also explains why I never get. . .

“S.I.AH plot a course to Piserchia Port in the Alignak system,” I ordered.
I was sure there was more to be done.

“By your command.”

“Patocuda – the future home of the 8th Dragon Squadron.
My future home. I’ll have to go take a look, and soon.”


Two jumps and I was coming out of Witchspace in Alignak; the triple suns of the system greeted me lately more times than I cared for. I was growing weary of being out of Imperial space.

Mahon territory.

I was never fond of politics nor politicians Maybe it was due to the fact I was routinely hired to “expedite the retirement” of said statesmen. That was primarily 75% of my revenue stream.
Seems like it was bad for ones health to be involved in politics. At least that was the perception from this side of the trigger.

Piserchia Port… here we come. I swung the nose of Dākuhantā towards the port and made off with haste. A few minutes later the familiar voice of StarComm came over my speakers.

“Greetings and welcome Commander. Docking request granted. Please proceed to Pad 15. Watch your speed and enjoy your stay.”

Good. I preferred to be in the back. I docked, and proceeded to fill out my personal flight log before heading out to the S&G.

I sat on Pad 15 for a few minutes as I patiently rolled several joints before exiting, enjoying the sounds the station. . .


The scraping against my shields was unmistakable.

“Seriously!?,” I screamed. This was another reason why I loathed these backwater systems. Nobody cleans up the mess floating around after the station destroys some loitering…

I took a deep breath. I needed down time. I ordered the ship into the hangar. I needed out of this seat.

“Watch the ship. Priority Alpha,” I said releasing the straps.

“By your Command.”

“Also get as much information on the HATMEHING system as you can.”

“Yes Commander.”

As I walked down the gangplank I turned glancing back into the ship, “Thank you by the way. I know I’ve been short with you lately, and I apologize.”

“No worries Commander. I understand that you, as well as the rest of the Dragons, are under a lot of stress. Especially now that Furieux is gone.”

She was smart. And extremely perceptive. Considering I’d not once mentioned Furieux’s “retirement”.

“Well, well, well. Isn’t that touching,” an unfamiliar voice spoke. The sarcasm dripped from his lips.

Why hadn’t I noticed him walking up??
Slowly I turned around, making sure my left side faced him first.

Even though Nyxx wore a patch over his left eye it was by no means detrimental. The cybernetic replacement was equipped with thermal imaging, among other enhancements, making the eye patch merely a fashion accessory.

Was he waiting here this whole time, for me??

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