Behind the Curtain

[ redacted ]
11 Sept 3301

“Do you know how long I’ve worked toward this singular moment??” He asked, his hands clasped behind his back gazing out the huge office window marveling at this cities landscape. The dense cloud cover made viewing the city below impossible, but the view that was afforded was breathtaking; three hundred and forty nine floors below Him the city teemed with people, and they were clueless. Skyscrapers rose up through low hanging clouds blinking with red and blue lights making them look like buoys on a murky billowing sea, ships of all makes rising and diving into the fogginess like mechanical fish. This planet, this entire system in fact benefited greatly due to the influence of the man staring out the massive oval window.

The question rhetorical. The fact is she was acutely aware of the length of time, the amount of will possessed and effort put forth towards this single endeavor; the creation of the 8th Dragon Squadron, and the eventual taking of PATOCUDA. She’d assisted Him every step of the way.

She answered anyway. “9.5 years Sir. ”

“That’s right Lizz, 9.5 long years.”

Elizabeth “Lizz” Frost; the 30 year old personal assistant of [ redacted ]. She had worked for [ redacted ] for nearly ten years, and she had made sure that she knew the business of [ redacted ] inside and out, both the professional as well as personal aspects. She was doubly sure to make it nearly impossible for [ redacted ] to live without her near constant involvement. She’d spent 40 of nearly every 43 hour day by His side, constantly in His presence, and all of that patience and hard work was about to pay off.

“Who would have believed that the moment Vondell came to you for assistance to help him become President of Gold Vision Company that it would’ve blossomed into this,” she queried continuing to monitor the 60″ screen in front of her. The screen displayed on it several smaller screens all of which were playing different; orbital stations, planets, cities, asteroid colonies, moon stations, outposts, etc. All of which she was able to keep track with ease. Her benefactor had spared no expense when it came to keeping her top of the line; bioware, cybernetic enhancement, as well as genetic manipulation.
The desk where Elizabeth sat was the only one in this office. A 1400sq ft. space and the only pieces of furniture in the entire office was the desk and the chair she sat in.
He rarely if ever sat when conducting business. He felt that standing and movement improved with thought processing.

“I did,” He answered flatly. He turned from the peaceful view beyond the window bringing his full attention upon her.
“It is impossible to attain the level of control I have achieved by making random frivolous decisions,” He continued while looking at the back of her head. She could feel it. “Keep that in mind Lizz. Every move you make must have purpose, and you must be aware of every reaction any action may cause one to take. The movement of every token must be controlled.”

“I understand Sir.”

“23 Jan 3301. You should remember that day
The day President Vondell offered contracts to the mercenary Commanders Lightwarrior, Furieux, Sesiones En El Cosmos, along with others, on behalf of the GVC,” He walked over and placed his hands on her shoulders. His touch she found immensely soothing, his hands were considerably strong. He had a strength that belied his appearance.
“This moment, this was the first domino to fall in the creation of the Dragons. The beginning of everything.”

“I remember that day,” she whispered.

“Talynne Star – the Ship Whisperer,” He said releasing her shoulders. He walked around to the front of the desk. “25 Jan 3301,” He continued, “is when it was made known that she was also working towards the aims of the GVC. That, that was an unexpected curve ball,” He chuckled. “The Ship Whisperer, she’s a Queen,” He said his eyes meeting hers, his white milky eyes gave her the feeling as if he was looking through her. “Especially if ShadowCore wants her.”

“The Dragon Queen??” an eyebrow raised.

“Do you see how they flock to her aid at any cost?? How many of them risk themselves for her?? Yes, a Dragon Queen,” a smirk flashed across his face. “They’ll make sure that ShadowCore stays away from her and those ships of hers.”

“What about Furieux??”

“That,” He sighed closing his eyes for a moment as if in reverence, “that is an unexpected loss, but not one that can’t be recovered from.” His momentary jovial mood disappeared. “That was the second curve ball. He was suppose to head the Council of Eight. Now, we’re in a delicate moment.”

“Sir,” she rolled her eyes “are you going to continue with the baseball or the chess metaphors?? Because you know you should. . .hold on. What’s this??” she trailed off. She began scanning the feeds coming in.

“Speak up.”

“Mm mmm,” she waggled a finger at him while the other hand continued to type, “I seriously need a better system of tracking them all. All the credits in the damn,” the rest of what she said became mumbled gibberish as she began furiously typing with both hands.

“Update. Now.”

“Not now Sir. You’re going to have to be patient for a moment,” she spat out as her fingers flew at light speed over the keys. “Some of the feeds were hacked. I’m counting one, two. Four total Sir.”

“What do you mean hacked?? By whom??”

“Meaning I’d been watching feeds on these four screens,” she pointed at the four in question causing them to zoom in. “I’d honestly thought were all running current. Turns out they’re not,” sarcastically said as she countered the hack on the first and forwarded the video. “It seems that they may be off by days, and to answer the latter; when I find them. . .they’re dead,” she growled.

“Days??” the question was hissed through clenched teeth. He walked back towards the window pulling out His datapad. “This is unacceptable.” He began typing.

“Dace was attacked in his hanger. That was three days ago,” she said as the view quickly moved forward. “Nothing to worry about, as in true Dace fashion, he put his attackers down.”

He paused, then continues typing.

“Apparently Commander Elenar used the Imperial emergency recall on Talynne’s ship nearly destroying her and the ship. That was a stream from two days ago.”

“Hmm. . .Elenar is to valuable a piece. We’ll have to watch him as well now. I can’t have a Knight getting my Queen killed now can I.”

“The Imperial assassin, son of the bounty hunter White Raven, Zas’Haemis vas Wodir…”

“Nyxx Corvinus,” He interrupted. “Lets not use that ridiculous name concocted in Lu Pau.”

“Yes Sir. Nyxx was also accosted in the hangar outside his ship.”


“And there’s nothing. The feed froze as he was confronted by four men and remained that way until StarComm Sec rebooted the camera systems for that area of the hangar.”

“So you know nothing.” His tone was becoming increasingly one of disappointment as the information she was giving he did not want to hear. “That A.I he stole is a phenomenal piece of tech. I must get my hands on it and get it to R&D,” He shook his head.
“What about Lord Blackadder UK??”

“Last feed I have of him is after he completed docking procedures at Swift Terminal. He was heading towards the local Star & Garter. There are five suspicious individuals in tow.”


“Yes Sir. This seems to be running live now. That’s…odd,” she typed a few more keystrokes.”They didn’t follow him inside the S&G. Sir, what action would you like to take??”

“I’ll handle it.”

“Whom do you plan on sending??”

“The Shadows.”

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