Amabassador Russe Jenker and Chairman Agner Muxx of the sat facing each other in the main office of the Gliese 900.1 Liberals. The situation in Gliese 900.1 had become desperate. The Liberals had witnessed public approval for their company sink massively over the last few days. The party was floundering against the might of the present Imperial factions that had gained a major foothold within the system, in particular Emperor’s Grace, the rising stars of the local political stage. With the assistance of a mercenary group known as the 8th Dragon Squadron, the Emperor’s Grace had reached immense popularity among the citizens of Gliese, much to the detriment of the independents who had reigned in the system for decades.  Agner Muxx, leader of the Gliese 900.1 Liberals, had tasked Amabassador Jenker with the job of finding out as much as he could about these 8th Dragons in a bid to find a solution to the current circumstances.

Jenker had placed agents in various locations where Dragons were known to be operating, with a focus on Lewitt Port, Emperor’s Grace’s only trading post.  On it, the popular Star & Garter Bar, a large galactic franchise, remained the best source of intel, as the majority of the Dragon group spent a considerable amount of time there. When the 8th were not working, they were drunk. Muxx was right, the Dragon had a weakness, and this was it.

“So, amabassador, I trust you have completed your dossier on the 8th Dragon Squadron?” Muxx asked, after finishing his coffee. The big man was intimidating, and he knew it. Known to have reduced many Liberal personnel to gibbering wrecks when they failed to achieve results, his reputation was more fearsome than his bulk.

“Yes sir,” answered Jenker, “My sources have gathered a wealth of data regarding those who might be considered as Dragon Heads, and judging by their histories, we have acquired an immense advantage over them. They live a rather bohemian lifestyle and loyal only to themselves and their current employer. They are men of opportunity, greed and debauchery. I say men, but there are women among them too, with the same shameless principles. A disgusting band of hedonists.”

“Very good. They should be easily dispatched given their many vices. Who leads them?” enquired Muxx, curious to know the big players behind the group.

Muxx poured himself a mug of bitter Azebanian coffee and took a small sip then returning it to his desk. He offered a mug of coffee to Ambassador Jenker, who politely declined. Muxx had thought to try and calm the ambassadors obvious nerves before once again returning to his initial question, and was surprised and annoyed when Jenker refused.

“Are you sure I cant tempt you with a mug of Eranin’s finest export, Russe?” he asked, pouring a second mug anyway.

“No thank you, sir. I will seek refreshment after the meeting is over.” replied Jenker, matter-of-factly.

“I must say, you look rather nervous. Are you nervous ambassador?” said Muxx, taking another sip of his coffee, eyes never leaving the smaller man’s face.

“ sir. Not at all. I would simply like to press on with the matter of the Dragon Squadron. I have a…”

“I’ll decide when we press on, Jenker!” yelled the Chairman. “And if I offer you a mug of coffee, you will damn well drink it!”

Muxx shoved the mug towards to the Ambassdor roughly, spilling some of the liquid onto the desktop. Visibly shaking, Jenker leaned forward and picked up the coffee, and choked it down as quickly as he could, his eyes watering. Muxx stared at him disgustedly.

“Now that we are both better refreshed, let us press on with the matter at hand. The next file, please.” he smirked.

Jenker placed the empty mug onto the desk and wiped his mouth with a tissue that he produced from the inside coat of his uniform.

“This is Commander Deuil Furieux.” he began, pointing at the dataslate holograph. “Most likely the catalyst in the formation of the 8th Dragon Squadron under the initial leadership of Vidar Vondell of the Gold Vision Company in Eta Draconis. Vondell saw something in the man, but by all other accounts, Furieux is nothing but a degenerate and a wastrel. A womanizing, borderline alcoholic. He has little to no redeeming qualities whatsoever, according to his records. Even his father has disowned him. All he cares about are cheap women and expensive booze.”

“His father? Is there an angle there? Anything we could exploit?” questioned Muxx, interestedly.

“I am afraid not. His father is the owner and CEO of an metal refining corporation in Zeta Tucanae. Given that Furieux has had no contact with his father for over a year, we have assumed that all ties are broken and that Furieux senior could care less about the fate of his son.”

“And this Furieux. He is the leader of the 8th?”

“Not the leader, per se. The Dragons do not have a set hierarchy like most other merc groups. To be perfectly frank, we have no idea how they manage to perform so well. They are loud, brash, and seem incredibly unorganised. Furieux seems to be the…representative, you could say. The ‘go-to guy’ when you have a contract to offer.”

“From the way you describe him, he appears to the least dangerous of all the members we have discussed so far. Surely it shouldn’t be too difficult to exterminate him by hiring a bounty hunter?” suggested Muxx, shrugging.

“We already attempted such. Unfortunately, we cant find him. He appears to have become quite adept at flying under the radar. He is elusive.  A vast improvement since his name was last plastered all over ZT Local News after being arrested at Nelson Terminal for smuggling contraband under contract. Again, for Vondell. “

Muxx sighed. As much as this Furieux character had little going for him, he was obviously an important part of the Dragon Squadron. If he was removed, would the rest of the crew disperse? Perhaps by erasing the ‘catalyst’, the group would fall apart. It was worth a shot. “You say he cares for nothing. I dont beleive that.” he said. “Everyone has a weakness, Jenker.  Poison his drink? Hire one of those high class ‘companions’  to seduce and murder him? You know a few high class companions, don’t you Russe?” asked Muxx, chuckling at his own wit.

Jenker looked a little embarrassed. “A thought, but we have a better method, sir. One much less likely to bring heat down on us. Furieux is known to care little for relationships. He prefers to be unchained by the restrictions of friends, lovers or a permanent home. That said, our data experts managed to hack into the  Galcom Relay Network and found  two seperate transmissions that were sent to his sister, Anais Furieux on Darwyn, Zeta Tucanae. These appear to be very candid and honest accounts of his endeavours since he left the planet. He and his sister seem very close indeed. As luck would have it,  Commander Deuil Furieux appears to have one attachment too many.”

Muxx gave the ambassador a wide, evil grin. “Very good ambassador! Very good! An attachment that we are now about to sever…”

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